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New! Kirby Krackle “We Had A Good Run” Music Video

Kyle Stevens & Kirby Krackle are back with another fantastic music video… enjoy the invasion!

Are music video spoilers a thing??  If so – watch the video above before reading on!

So today my friend Kyle Stevens of Kirby Krackle released a super rad music video for his single “We Had A Good Run”, which is pretty much about the world going to hell by way of alien invasion.  The song itself is one of my favorites off Kirby Krackle’s newest album, Mutate, Baby (Check out “I Was Made To Haunt You”, “The Day My Powers Arrived”, and “Frank the Pocket” for other awesome-ness).

My favorite parts of the video are hands down (no pun intended!) the scenes with the alien hands.  This video perfectly encompasses the ol’ saying “less is more” when it comes to showing the aforementioned aliens.  I think it was perfectly executed in that department!  And the final seen with Kyle and Kristin – perfection!!

From a fellow video editor’s perspective – the effects were super fun (nicely tracked fire!), and the color grading was perfect!  I loved the warm tones and softness; it gave post-apocalyptic-ness* of the video a unique feel.  I also super loved the graphics!

Be sure to check out Kirby Krackle’s YouTube channel and check out the many fun music videos he has filmed over the years!

Some other video recommendations:

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AND, if you feel so inclined… check out the KK Fan Club / Patreon Campaign, where Kyle/Kirby Krackle release two brand new songs a month.  There are some sweet, sweet perks so check it out!

Alright, thanks for stopping by, it’s always lovely to see you… now scroll back up and watch that video again!

*Is “post-apocalyptic-ness a word?  Eh, it is now!

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