We have received a bunch of emails lately from filmmakers, app designers, and lots of other talented folks - and we thank you for thinking of us!

We have implemented a fancy submission form to make that process a little easier for you guys.  So please, if you have a film, an app, a board game (or whatever) that you would like us to consider reviewing, please head over to the REVIEW REQUEST SUBMISSION FORM and fill that thing out for us!



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The Final Girls take the classic 80’s slasher genre, tosses in some comedy (as well as some actual tear-jerking moments), and manages to pull of a unique and ridiculously entertaining film!

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“Nightwing: The Darkest Knight” IS HERE! [REVIEW]

Question: Is it crazy to keep refreshing Facebook for 45 minutes to see if a fan film (that you’ve been waiting the better part of a year for) is live? I’m just asking for a friend… I’ll admit it, the release date for this one made it into my calendar. …

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New! Kirby Krackle “We Had A Good Run” Music Video

Kyle Stevens & Kirby Krackle are back with another fantastic music video… enjoy the invasion!

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